Jamie Graham


I bought my first Camera (Canon AE1) in 2012 in my hometown of Airlie Beach, Australia, to capture how I was framing things in my mind, and eternalise them. Australia is a relentless chef for anyone with an insatiable hunger for landscape photography, which was my focus until I moved to Berlin. Here I like to focus more on the charisma that occupies the streets.

My Work

I believe photos should represent a moment efficiently enough that the scenes’ elements; or at the very least one Master element, are made tangible. That we might be able to picture ourselves experiencing the intensity of the person photographed, an environment’s repulsive or delightful smells, the crisp or humid air qualities, the accompanying sounds. I believe film photography in particular to be among the strongest portals that allow us to do just that.

The photos featured here are some of the shots I feel best represent this primary objective.


I'm based in Berlin. Swing me an email if you have any questions.


Most images are available to purchase. For print inquiries:


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